Continuous Identification

GNPS' continuous identification aims to bring datasets to life. Traditionally, after manuscript publication, mass spectrometry datasets remain static and are never heard from again, silo'd in data cemeteries. GNPS' approach is different, we aim to both 1. increase to automatically make new discoveries within each dataset and 2. aid future analyses by putting new data in the context of all previously existing datasets.

GNPS achieves the first goal by periodically reanalyzing each and every public dataset. With ever expanding reference spectral libraries, GNPS makes new identifications within datasets in an automatic fashion, recording this growth in identifications, and reports it back to the community.

GNPS achieves the second goal by enabling users to "BLAST" MS/MS spectra against the entire GNPS set of datasets (see Single Spectrum Search).

Exploring Current Continuous Identifications

On each dataset page (See datasets) the list of all continuous identifcations is listed under the "Continuous Identification" section. This list of all analyses shows the growth of identifications over time as well as how the identifications changed over time. For example, the 3D molecular skin cartography dataset (See MSV000078556) grew from XXX identifications in the initial continuous identification to XXX as of June 1, 2018, a XXX% increase.

Dataset Subscriptions

Whenever new identifications are made in a dataset, subscribers are automatically notified via email. To be subscribed to a dataset of interest, click the subscribe button on the dataset page:

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Continuous Identification Ratings

Help us improve Continuous Identification by rating the matches returned on the "All Identifications Page".

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