Welcome to GNPS

Global Natural Products Social Molecular Networking (GNPS) is a web-based mass spectrometry ecosystem that aims to be an open-access knowledge base for community-wide organization and sharing of raw, processed or identified tandem mass (MS/MS) spectrometry data. GNPS aids in identification and discovery throughout the entire life cycle of data; from initial data acquisition/analysis to post publication.

As there are many aspects to GNPS, it can be a bit overwhelming, so the primary functionality is:

  • Identification/Dereplication/Quantification of MS/MS data utilizing computational tools (e.g. Molecular Networking, Spectral Library Search, etc.)
  • Give MS/MS spectra biological/environmental context by searching against all public MS/MS datasets
  • Annotate/curate identified MS/MS spectra in open-access GNPS reference spectra libraries
  • Publish entire study datasets with the Mass Spectrometry Interactive Virtual Environment (MassIVE) data repository
  • Browse and Reanalyze over 700 public datasets at GNPS
  • Automatic reanalysis of public datasets with automated reports of new identifications
  • Explore identifications of public datasets across entire repository

For more detailed information, read on in the documentation, checkout the GNPS publication, and view some tutorial videos.

Migration to New Documentation

Pardon our dust as we are migrating to this new documentation. During the transition, throughout the documentation we will be linking to our legacy documentation that is still relevant. Thank you for your patience.